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1. General FAQS

2. FAQs from public meeting in Inverkeithing

1. General FAQS

1. General overview of Airspace Change Programme

What are you doing?

Why are you doing an Airspace Change Programme?

How will the Airspace Change Programme affect me?

Why don't you just keep routes the same?

Why has there been a recent increase in noise over my area? Have you made changes already?

How can I make a complaint about noise I am currently experiencing?

2. Responding to the consultation

Will you respond to my feedback?

Who have you consulted with?

How do I know that you have considered my response and that of others? I want to be able to see all the responses to the consultation?

Why should I bother responding, what difference would it make?

What are you going to do with the feedback responses?

What will you do with my response? Will you be giving feedback on the results of the consultation?

3. The proposed routes

How many people lie under the current flight paths?

Who will benefit from the changes proposed and how will they benefit?

Who will be disadvantaged by the changes proposed and how will they be disadvantaged?

4. The Airspace Change Process

Are you not the gamekeeper and the poacher?

You didn't listen to us over TUTUR, why should we trust you now?

How are you going to compensate me?

How long does the process take?

If successful when will this start?

How can you consult when CAP725 is under consultation?

5. Negative impacts

Will this mean more flights overhead? Will I see/hear more flights?

Why does the consultation not include flights over 7,000ft?

Why should some communities suffer with more traffic for air route benefits that add to profits for the airport?

Can we trust you?

Are you just doing this to fatten the airport up for sale?

Is there no other way to increase capacity?

6. Technical questions

What is the CAA?

You have fewer flights than in 2007 so why do you need to do it now?

What are RNAV routes?

Why can't RNAV routes not follow the current routes?

What is a SID?

You're already growing, why do you need to do this?

Is your growth sustainable?

The CAA is engaged with developing a Future Airspace Strategy or FAS. This is a major collection of projects looking at everything from the routes aircraft fly to flight performance information. How does the Edinburgh Airport project relate to the FAS?

2. FAQs from public meeting in Inverkeithing

Over the last 4 weeks a constant stream of planes have passed directly over my house in Inverkeithing - is this a change that has already been made? Was this consulted on beforehand?

Booklet says no night flights, yet over the past 2 weeks flights have taken off between 01:00 to 03:00?

Why was WHO (World Health Organization) guidance on noise not used in either consultation?

Why concentrate flights on immediate coastal area over Dalgety Bay? If aircraft took a slight turn over Cramond Island after take off, a loop over the Forth would miss all residential areas except Braefoot Bay which is industrial anyway?

Why is this consultation on proposed flight path changes not looking at options to improve the flightpath and take it further away from densely populated areas such as Dalgety Bay? The information in the documentation is trying to persuade us it will be no worse than currently, why not aim for better? What effect would using routes G & H rather than E7a, have on EAL, financially and operationally?

In the second consultation, E1a and E1b, which are largely identical to E7a proposed, failed to comply with safety/ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) design criteria, why does E7a not now fail to comply?

I don’t know why the changes have to be implemented now . Why can’t there be a delay? Is it absolutely necessary that we suffer these changes right away? Can’t they be postponed?

Is there a choice of direction of take off when there is 'no wind'?

Pushed through before CAP 1616 are enforced?

Why has there been no sound tests in affected areas like Dalgety Bay, Aberdour, South Queensferry, Inverkeithing?

Concerned about future proofing - if this flight path is approved we have no guarantees that it won’t be used 24/7 because of increased demand. The 6am start is already hugely noisy and 2 min intervals at capacity would be intolerable.

On page 5 of the consultation booklet it says that by 2019 there will be 42 flights per day - how has this figure been arrived at? There were around 130 flights from 11:30 today to end of day, your estimate seems low.

In North Queensferry we have the noise and pollution of the trains, traffic over the Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing. What is the impact on North Queensferry’s community health with the proposed changes?
The present consultation is to consider the impact from the change in the E7 flight path and makes assumptions that current disturbance to our quality of life re noise and pollution are acceptable. This is not so, Environmental considerations have changed considerably since the current flight paths were adopted. So we should review plans taking them from first principles. What happens if the noise is above Scottish government Guidelines on the new flight path?

Why have the residents in the eastern expansion of Dunfermline not been included in the supplementary consultation, we are currently plagued by low flying planes while the wind is easterly and we are very likely to be troubled by the proposals

At the moment flights over Aberdour are horrific, even though there is no east wind - why?

If these proposals go ahead are you going to provide compensation to affected householders for the loss of value to their property and for loss of quality of life?

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