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Consultation material

Supplementary Consultation

ACP Supplementary Consultation Report


Current flight path and tracks GOSAM1D

Proposed flight path E7a

Overlay of proposed flight path E7a to current flight path tracks

Overlay of maps 1, 2 and 3

Flight simulation results for E7a

Supplementary consultation material

Environmental Impact Assessment

Airspace Change Privacy Policy – Supplementary Consultation

Supplementary consultation booklet

Supplementary Consultation findings report - TBA

CAA ERCD - revised SIDs

Material from previous consultations

Consultation 1 (June to September 2016)

Consultation 1 - Consultation book

Consultation 1 - Findings report

Consultation 1 - video

Airspace Change Privacy Policy – Consultations 1 and 2

Consultation 2 (January – May 2017)

Consultation 2 - Consultation book

Consultation 2 Consultation book easy read version

Consultation 2 Flight path maps

Consultation 2 Route options design

Consultation 2 - Findings report

Airspace Change Privacy Policy – Consultation 1 and 2

Application for Airspace Change

Our Airspace Change Proposal

Environment Assessment for Airspace Change Proposal

Fact sheets

Aircraft Noise Explained

Current aircraft arrival and departure procedures

Community and environment

Reading library

Aviation Policy Framework, 2013

CAA Airspace Charter, CAP 724

CAA Description of today’s ATC route structure and operations techniques, CAP 1379

CAA ERCD Noise Analysis Report

CAA Future Airspace Strategy for the United Kingdom 2011 to 2030

CAA Guidance on the Application of the Airspace Change Process, CAP 725

Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Consultation

Policy for the Application of Performance based Navigation in UK and Irish Airspace

ACP Process